Although drywall sanders have been around for sometime,in the UK they are just beginning to get the recognition they deserve.Had you visited any residential building site in the 5 years ago the chances are you would never have seen a drywall sander, let alone several being used on the same site, Lets go over the process of plasterboarding (drywall) so you can further understand why the drywall sander offers so many advantages in today’s construction industry.

When a modern home is built, once the foundations are in place,the home is then framed internally and plasterboard (drywall) is placed on the frame. Rooms can have as many as 40 sheets of plasterboard attached to the frame, that’s a lot of joints. These “joints” are taped, usually by ames tapers using automatic tapers for speed. The taping process consists of bedding in a paper tape with a joint filler, similar to the material used for filling cracks in walls. Preceding coats are applied using boxes. These boxes are between 7″-12″ wide and cover the initial tape so blending in the join to the wall so it is not visible once sanded and painted.Once taped the joints need to sanded down ready to paint, this is a messy and unhealthy job using the old method of combining pole sanding with hand sanding.

Enter the Drywall Contractor Sacramento, typically powered by a 600w motor and an approx 1.5m in length a drywall sander is designed to be attached to a dust extractor or high quality shop vac. The drywall sander will comfortably enable the user to sand ceilings and walls standing on the floor. The speed difference alone in completing the sanding is incredible, however, the real benefit for the user is the lower level of dust omitted. In situations of sanding you are required to wear a suitable dust mask, the dust must, should at minimum have a filter on the front, cheap unreliable dust masks do not have this feature, avoid the cheap dust masks.When pole sanding the dust is thrown into the air, which means you start inhaling it. Joint filler compound is not good to inhale, consider that you add water to mix it and it hardens upon drying, so imagine what inhaling such substances can do to you internally. Due to the fact the drywall sander is attached to a dust extraction unit or shop vac (using HEPA dust bags) dust thrown into the work space is greatly reduced so reducing the immediate dust particle count.

Hand sanding is kept to a minimum using a drywall sander,the internal corners will be the only areas requiring hand sanding. Using a dust mask is required it is recommended you buy the best quality dust mask possible. Using a spray painting mask may seem like overkill but the rubber used makes an idea seal against your skin to stop dust getting anywhere near your mouth or nose. construction sites are now making the use of drywall sanders on construction sites compulsory so the sooner you buy one the sooner you can benefit.

Why Using a Drywall Sander Can Help You Live Longer